Build and run your own automated strategies

Your ideas, your interface, your options. All in a codeless automated trading platform.

Create your strategy

With our flexible codeless interface, it's easy to transform your ideas into automated trading strategies.

Run backtests

Try your strategies out with historical data and see how they stack up in a paper account.

Automate your strategy

Connect your strategy to a trading account and let our automations do the hard work for you. Sit back and relax.


Start by tweaking our pre-built strategies or build your own using our codeless strategy builder to create your own personal trading strategy.





a strategy from our pre-built library that aligns with your own personal trading style and tailor the way it runs to match your own preferences.


strategies using an intuitive drag and drop interface - there's no need to know code. And with a library of common technical indicators, it's easy to transform your ideas into reality.


Backtest your strategies and refine them to improve their performance. Compare results of different configurations and promote your best ideas to live operation.


Connect your strategy to your trading account and sit back and watch your automations as they trade in real-time.


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