Frequently asked questions

What is QuantFu?

QuantFu is an online service that simplifies algorithmic trading. Our platform provides a no-code interface for designing and automating personalized trading strategies. With QuantFu, you can programmatically trade equity, foreign currency, and cryptocurrency using algorithms you design from scratch or adapt from one of our pre-built templates. Before trading live, you can also backtest and paper trade your strategies to make sure they perform the way you expect. Simply link QuantFu to your broker account and let the automation do the work for you.

What is algorithmic trading?

Algorithmic trading is the execution of orders using pre-programmed trading instructions based on market factors such as time, price and volume. Essentially, it is a fancy term for letting a computer trade automatically based on your defined strategy instead of ordering individual trades yourself. It makes your trading more systematic and predictable and frees you from the task of scanning screens in the hunt for trading opportunities. Algorithmic trading is widely used by trading professionals at investment banks, mutual funds, and hedge funds to perform trades more efficiently and reliably than human traders.

What is a QBot?

A Qbot is a simple trading robot that watches the market opening and closing trades based on prespecified conditions. QBots collect real-time data in simulation mode and can be connected to a broker account to execute paper or real money trades.

What is a strategy?

QuantFu Strategies are the sophisticated big brothers of QBots. They are full-blown algorithmic trading automations with enormous flexibility that can be created code-free using a drag and drop interface. QuantFu has a vast library of templates available to jumpstart your strategy development.

What is a backtest?

A backtest is a historical playback of your strategy. The historical playback can be run over a specified period of time to reveal how your strategy would have performed in that period.

What is paper trading?

Paper trading allows you to see how your strategy is performing in real time with imaginary money. Paper trading puts no real money at risk. You can switch your strategy from paper trading to live trading at any time.

What brokers are supported by QuantFu?

QuantFu currently offers integration with Robinhood, Oanda, and Alpaca, but this list will grow. Want QuantFu access to you broker? Send us an email to let us know.

Are multiple brokerage accounts supported?

Yes. You can link QuantFu to multiple broker accounts in the same or different markets.

What's in the free plan?

The free QuantFu plans allow users to create and test QBots. Strategies can also be created and backtested in free plans. QuantFu Pro free also allows the connection to demo broker accounts (equities, crypto, and forex) and either a live crypto or forex account.

Can I trust QuantFu Inc?

We get it. Markets can be scary and losing money hurts. And that is why we created QuantFu. The underlying core technology behind QuantFu has been in development and use for over a decade. QuantFu's founders have backgrounds in computer science, physics, and finance and have been successful entrepreneurs. The company is backed by Spark Capital, the venture capital firm behind Slack, Snap, Wealthfront, Warby Parker and Wayfair to name a few. We are regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA ID 0531369), the self regulatory organization overseen by the Commodity Future Trading Commission.

QuantFu never takes custody of your assets. While QuantFu will submit trades to your broker on your behalf, your assets remain in your account at your broker. Period. QuantFu does not invest itself or have subsidiaries or affiliates that invest. Quite simply, we are the software conduit for your trades.

Your account and trade data are kept safe using the most up to date security protocols. QuantFu has strict policies in place to protect the technology and information assets of the company and your data. All customer data is held in a secured off-site data center meeting best-in-class compliance standards and all customer account access information is encrypted at rest. Backup data is subject to the same protocols.

We view our job is to not only give you the tools to trade like a pro, but to also give you peace of mind while doing so.

Do I have to know how to code or learn to code?

No! You can build, screen, test and run all your trading strategies without ever writing a line of code.

Is there a library of strategy templates to use?

Yes, QuantFu includes a growing library of pre-built strategies you can use for trading in your account, or as a basis for customization. Explore our full library here.

I know nothing about trading, where can I learn more?

The QuantFu platform was built with both new and advanced traders in mind. Depending on your experience, you can choose between pre-built strategies or create your own automated trading algorithm from scratch. Explore our full library here.

What can I trade?

QuantFu can automate trading of stocks, foreign currencies (forex), and cryptocurrencies, depending on your broker account(s).

Can non-US traders use the QuantFu platform?

Yes! Non-US traders can take full advantage of our strategy development and backtesting capabilities and may trade through one of our broker integrations.

Is QuantFu a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

QuantFu is not an RIA, we are a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology provider. We don’t offer financial advice or manage your money - instead our service links to your broker account and executes your trading strategy through an application programming interface (API). We maintain an Introducing Broker (IB) relationship with some of our broker partners.

How are my trades funded?

Your trades are funded through your broker account. All of your money stays within your broker account. QuantFu provides a platform to connect your automated trading strategy to your broker account and orchestrate your trades.

Is paper trading available?

Yes! You can run your pre-built or customized automated trading strategy through a paper trading account available from your broker or one of our broker partners. When you have a strategy you like, you can roll it to your live trading account at any time.

How far back can I test my automated trading strategy?

With QuantFu you can backtest your stock and forex trading strategies from 2005 and cryptocurrencies from 2013. When ready you, can forward test in a paper trading account using current market data - no additional configuration required.

Can I run multiple automated trading strategies at once?

You can run as many strategies as you have brokerage accounts. QuantFu can actively connect each account to one strategy at a time.

Do I have control over the pricing of my trades?

Yes, you control the entry and exit points of your trades through your constructed strategy. This can include setting take profits and stop losses, limit orders, and more.

Can I choose to keep my strategies private or share with others?

On the QuantFu platform all strategies that you build or select are private. In future releases QuantFu may allow users to publish strategies to share with other users.

Do I need to download anything to use the QuantFu platform?

No. QuantFu’s platform is a web-based app that runs completely in the cloud which means you never have to download or update any software.

How would I withdraw my money?

Your money remains within your broker account, and you withdraw it from that account by communicating directly with your broker.

How secure is my data?

QuantFu uses industry standard encryption to protect your account information from the moment it is saved. You can optionally enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for extra security (recommended).

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