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The same tools large financial firms use to tilt trading their way - All in the palm of your hand.

take control

Take Control

Use QuantFu's no code environment to test out your most profitable ideas and trade them live in your broker account.
risk less

Risk Less

Use pre-configured take profits and stop losses or custom designed exits to make your results more consistent and predictable.
go freestyle

Go Freestyle

Use QuantFu Trading QBots to capture opportunities 24x7x365, whenever the market is open. QBots can open and close trades for you while you sleep!


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Trade Automation for Equities, Crypto and Forex across multiple brokers
QuantFu for


Equities and Crypto Trade Automation for Robinhood users
QuantFu for


Equities and Crypto Trade Automation for Webull users

Lead the Way

Automated trading algorithms aren’t just for geeks or the wealthy. Now, you can view, choose, personalize and run strategies just like the pros. And, as one of our earliest users, you’ll be clearing the path for even easier entry for future traders. Thanks for being part of the revolution!


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The QuantFu community is an ecosystem of engineers, sophisticated day traders and enthusiastic everyday traders, all coming together to build – and benefit from – the opening up of financial markets. Want to learn from the big shots? The QuantFu community is a place to learn, share and grow.

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I like how easy it is to make and test strategies.
Full automation is very exciting!
I like how I can backtest strategies before deploying them & understand how they work
I like the user-friendly interface
The future of trading is here on QuantFu
Rules based, unemotional trading
Awesome features, simple and user friendly

We've got answers

Designed by aliens. Built by robots. Less confusing than the pyramids.

What is QuantFu?

QuantFu is an online service that simplifies algorithmic trading. Our platform provides a no-code interface for designing and automating personalized trading strategies.

Which brokers are supported?

QuantFu currently offers integration with Robinhood, Oanda, Webull and Alpaca, but this list will grow.

Do I have to know how to code?

No! You can build, screen, test and run all your trading strategies without ever writing a line of code.

What can I trade?

QuantFu can automate trading of stocks, foreign currencies (forex), and cryptocurrencies, depending on your broker account(s).

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